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Engagement Ring Trends

We understand that planning and buying for an engagement ring can be daunting task if you no clue where to begin from. With so much information to consider like shape of the stone, various styles and so many different rings showing up on Instagram, it can be overwhelming. At Abhika we truly believe that each piece of jewellery you own should reflect your personal style and it should be all the truer for your engagement ring. So, we have brought all the information you require about ongoing trends to help you finding your perfect #bridesrings selfie ring!  


Floral Filigree Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

    Yellow Gold

      Over the last few years, white gold and rose have been in the spotlight but now the true gold colour is coming back to the limelight. It is the purest and its fairly hypoallergenic. This property along with its warm tone means that it suits almost skin type even for brides with sensitive skin. Yellow gold also helps in accentuating other coloured gemstones and off beat diamonds. Since it’s one of the oldest trends, it is also a go-to for vintage designs. Yellow gold is also low-maintenance and easier to clean compared to white and rose gold. Not to mention, it's typically priced slightly lower than other fine jewellery metals like platinum. For the bride who loves a timeless design, a yellow gold engagement ring is the perfect choice, especially when paired with a traditional gold wedding band. An additional advantage of yellow gold is that the colour is universally flattering for all skin tones, while the metal is also easy to resize if needed

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      Small Diamond Emerald Cut Ring

        Diamond Cuts

          Out with the old, in with the new. People are becoming bold with their designs, and with it, stone shapes. Every couple of years a different shape emerges as a popular choice. This year the focus has been more on vintage look and the Emerald cut is leading the way with Oval cuts closely following behind it. The sophisticated and elongated silhouette of these shapes paired with contemporary designs makes them an ideal choice for someone wanting an offbeat yet traditional look. Both these cuts have extending shape and appear bigger than normal princess or round brilliant cut. This means even with a slightly smaller carat weight you can have a decent looking size centre stone. Emerald cut with long clean lines, step-cut accents, pretty symmetry, and flashes of light looks simplistic, elegant and chic.  Whereas the shape of an Oval has the same characteristics as a Round Brilliant, but due to its longer appearance, it looks bigger than it is. Both these shapes can be worn in multiple ways whether as a single solitaire, three stone or accented. Any way you set them, they will radiate lustre and draw in eyes. Emerald looks captivating with, and Oval can be turned into a modern three-stone design. In addition to all of this fancy-cut diamonds tend to be less expensive than round brilliant cut ones and hence can be comparatively affordable.

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          Three stone marquis and trillion cut engagement ring

            Contemporary Multi Stone

              This design is a perfect mix of classic and modern. The three stone design symbolises the past, present and future of a couples journey together and been there as a favourite among couples for long. Now with some modern outlook the style quotient of this design has certainly increased. Round brilliant has always been the classic in this design also, but uniquely shaped centre stone have made this design more exciting. Side stones similarly can also be a variety of shape from Trillion, Baguette, and even Pear. For the centre stone or side stones, gemstones also provide a great option and opens a plethora of choices. From birthstones to just bright colours, a mix and match of various gemstones can be great for the experimental bride. Symmetrical cuts pair well with a wide range of side stones, but it’s slightly harder to pair an asymmetric cut like Pear or Trillion.

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              Oval Moissanite Under Halo Diamond Ring

                Understated details

                  This has been a choice for couples who want subtle yet striking details in their rings. Often intricate these elements add an extra sparkly to your ring which might not be visible from the top. There are a few ways this unique detailing can be added to your ring. A secret halo sitting just below the centre diamond usually made with pave setting of diamonds, is a perfect way to add glam to your ring. Detailing on the side of the collet/band by adding intricate details or an extra diamond added on the side makes sure that the focus is not taken away from the centre diamond. Another hidden and popular touch to add a detail is via engraving, although this is done mostly in the inside of the band and doesn’t add a visible element to the ring, yet for someone who sees the ring from every angle, it’s a little something that’ll literally brighten up her day.

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                  Rose cut pear , trillion illusion ring

                    Alternative Diamond

                      There has been a rise in brides seeking out an alternative to the traditional Round Brilliant cut, they first moved to different cuts but going forward more brides are seeking to create something unique, which means experimenting more with diamond alternatives. The beauty with alternatives if the variety of options you have.

                       Coloured diamonds provide a diverse collection. From the traditional canary and champagne diamonds to the experimental colours like grey and muddy pink. The brilliance in these diamonds tends to be dependent on a particular cut and clarity. You can be rest assured that you will find something according to your taste for sure.

                       For old souls, another alternative in diamonds are rose cuts. This engagement ring design is for someone looking for a true vintage look. These diamonds have a flat faceted domed look with almost a flat bottom and no pavilion at the bottom of the stone. Because of this sparkle on these diamonds is more glassy and less brilliant but that is what provides them their unique characteristic. Rose cut diamonds also look larger than their actual carat weights due to their flat bottoms, meaning you get more bang for your buck.

                      The most unique option in alternative diamond in rough diamond rings. These are unpolished diamonds which come straight out of the mine and each stone is as unique as it can be. They have an extremely rustic look and can be worn as a single solitaire, halo or even a multi diamond ring

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                      Amethyst and baguette engagement ring

                        Unique Gemstone

                          With the focus on breaking the tradition, some couples want to look beyond the traditional diamond altogether and embrace other gemstones which usually have a much transparent sourcing process. While choosing a gemstone your choice can be dependent on either a colour that is special to you or you can choose a birthstone and design your ring around it. This is certainly a way of making your ring unique and personal to you. Gemstones also can make even the most traditional looking design appear bolder and brighter. There is no shortage of colours and hues while selecting a gemstone, from bright red rubies to rustic looking green emerald. Sapphires also provide a variety of colours and have a certain brilliance to them. Gemstones also provide people on certain budget to create a beautiful timeless ring without compromising on quality and design. Since unique is the base theme of these new trends, it’s not surprising that unusual colours are also popping up. More and more couples are embracing stones like Moonstones, Labradorites and opals which usually have multi coloured hues giving each stone a unique character. Another big benefit of these rings is that they can also double as a right hand or cocktail ring, especially since they are much more cost efficient than a colourless stone.

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