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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Custom Ring Guards That Fits! : Ordering Ring Guards Online

"Imagine being able to customize and order a ring guard from the comfort of your own home, simply by sharing a few pictures over the internet"

This is what we aim to do for all our customers. This blog aims to take you through a journey of one of our many customers who were able to get their perfect ring guard at a great price with us.

How it Began

"Do you do any modifications at all? I need a band for my engagement ring."

"I was thinking of the wedding band guard you have."

"Do you do any diamond alternatives as well? Like moissanite or anything?"

A few simple questions like this started this conversation with one of our dear customers. And attached to it was a simple photo

The Problem and Solution

We know traditional jewelry shopping is a maze of limited choices and endless trips to the store. Customization? That means multiple visits and lengthy discussions.

But we want to change all that. So like always we kept it simple for our customer.This is how we replied:

"We definitely do modifications! Could you tell me which guard you like?"

To be honest, we needed a few more details so that we can make it perfect, so we made our typical request as well:

"A top down picture of your ring with dimensions or kept along a ruler/scale"

And to make sure we get all the details perfect, we added the usual tip:

" Keep the ruler on the edge of a table and hold the ring as close to it as possible. MAKE SURE THAT THE TOP OF THE CENTER DIAMOND AND THE RULER ARE AT THE SAME LEVEL. "

Thats it!

The Options

The process began with a few simple steps with our customer sharing pictures of the design she likes along with her own ring, with various angles. The ring was a Vintage ring, and our customer shared almost perfect photos.

With a few perfect images like above and a general sense of the idea of what design is of interest to our customer, we started working.

By leveraging the power of technology, we sat down designing her existing ring.

We discussed her preferences on diamond size, design language, and of course budget and provided her with a few options.


The Final selection

With a design selection in place, we provided a quote. Here we tried our best to make sure it fits the budget and preference. We offer a variety of options in Metal (14K, 18K, and 22K) and Diamonds. We even offer the option of choosing between Natural Diamond, Lab-Grown, Moissanites, or any other gemstone of your preference. Once she was happy with everything, we created a custom listing for our customer to buy :)

Making sure it perfect

The next step involved making it perfect. We worked with the customer, sharing more images, asking a few questions regarding fit and finish, resolving any doubts to share that perfect 3D, which we were sure fits.



The Result : A Custom ring guard that fits!

 After her final yes and a couple of weeks of wait. This was the result



With the power of technology and a dash of creativity, ordering a ring guard online has transformed from a chore to a delight.

And remember you are just a click away to get that beautiful piece from us :)

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