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Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can be a stressful process and being a high value purchase it is important that you should have the right guidance to buy that once in a lifetime ring. Unlike just picking a ring from a selection, to get a create and design a ring from scratch is like creating a one of a kind piece of art.

Designing a ring from scratch provides you a sense of satisfaction that you will get what you want, especially for couples who know what they want but are not able to find it. Also for  people with high fashion awareness this provides a medium to create a piece which is an expression of their own identity.

Whatever your reason for going custom, We at Abhika Jewels, will work with you to create that perfect ring to fulfil your vision.

Step 1: Design Consultation

First step in creating your dream ring is for us to understand your requirements. We have a meeting anywhere at your leisure, over a phone, skype, in person at our studio or outside. We will discuss everything from who the ring is for, any of your ideas, your budget or anything that will help us and don’t stress if you don’t know anything about jewelry or diamonds or design. We will help you in each aspect in making an informed decision

Step 2: Designing

We will take all your inputs from our discussing and share sketches, reference images, 2D designs etc to bring your them to life. We will take your feedback from these and do revisions till the time we are able to finalise something which both suits your taste and vision.

Step 3: Diamonds and gemstones

We will now source stones and provide you options based on your design desired quality and most importantly budget. We use our expertise in diamonds and proximity to key markets to source stones ethically and at competitive prices.


Step 4: 3D Modelling and Production

We will now make a 3D model of your design and share with you digital rendered images of all angles. After your final approval this design would be casted to metal. The next steps involve hand setting of stones, handcrafted details, polish and engraving to make the final piece


Step 5 : Delivery

As per your convenience and location we can either arrange for a delivery or you can pick your ring by yourself. Along with the ring we will provide an invoice, certification and documentation on stones in applicable. For us each of our pieces deserve to be an heirloom and we would suggest once a year visit for cleaning and inspect for any wear and tear.

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