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    Every Day Single Gold and Diamond Stud (NP100)

    Diamond and Ruby Septum Clicker in 14K Solid, Daith Earring Septum Helix Conch Piercing Jewelry (CH004)

    Pushback Tragus Gold Snake Earring (174P)

    Flatback Tragus 14K Gold Snake Stud Earring (T174)

    Daith and Septum Clicker made with 14K Gold, Diamond and Emerald ; Helix Conch Piercing Jewelry (CH006))

    C / L Wire Diamond Nose Stud in 14k Solid Gold in 21 Gauge Nostril, Ear, Cartilage, Helix, Tragus Piercing Stud (NP001)

    Dainty Gold and Diamond Flower Cluster Nose/Ear Stud (NP229)

    2mm Turquoise Nose Stud in 14K Gold, December Birthgift (NP156)


    7 Diamond Floral Cluster Stud in 14K Gold for Tragus Lobe Nose (NP247)

    Internally Threaded Every Day Single Gold and Diamond Stud

    Tiny Diamond Solitaire Studs Screwback Earrings in 14K Gold For Ear, Cartilage, Helix, Tragus Piercing (T060)

    Warli Art Two Diamond Nose Pin (NP008)


    4mm Lapiz Lazuli Stud 14K Gold Nose/Ear Stud (NP143)

    Multistone Trinity Ear Stud in 14k Solid Gold, Diamond Blue Sapphire and Opal Earring

    Black and White Diamond Crown Ear Climber Stud

    Natural Diamond Ear Cuff in 14k Solid Gold,18g Piercing (CH010)

    Double Halo Diamond Septum Daith Ring in 14K Solid Gold, 14g 16g 18g Clicker Earring

    Diamond Lotus Piercing Stud in Solid Gold & Marquise Diamond, , Tragus Lobe Conch Cartilage Helix Stud

    Blacl and White Diamond Conch Earring, 14k Solid Gold Curved Ear Climber (T441)

    2 Tone Diamond Stud for Piercings; Black & White Natural Diamond 14k Yellow Gold (T442)

    14k Gold Diamond Bezel Stud Earring, 16g Nose Ear Stud (NP102)

    5mm 14k Solid Gold Trinity Earrings, Small 3 Gold Ball Stud Earrings (NP438)

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